Monday, June 4, 2012

On Cancer

paul michaels a patient of Dr. stanislaw burzynski
had a tumor the size of a tennis ball when 4 yrs old.  Surgery didn't work.  Radiation was prescribed.  They went to Stanislaw.
Stanislaw's clinic (1987) houston texas.  Post doctoral work at balor un
pioneer anti neoplastots.  Non-toxic peptides and amino acid derivitives that act like molecular switches.  Turn on tumor suppressant genes, and turns off onco genes responsible for cancer growth.
Burzynski was then targeted by the FDA, possibly because his treatment worked too well and threatened their pharmaceutical industry.  They wanted to put him away for 300 years.

See any literature by Stanislaw
See "A world without cancer"

This is just one more in a long series of polemical faux-documentaries promoting the commercial interests of people who have failed to carry scientific opinion. It should be viewed alongside other nonsense like Zeitgeist and What The Bleep - it is wholly uncritical, subscribes wholeheartedly to the idea of a global campaign to suppress miracle cures, and does not even try to be in any way balanced.

There are several reasons why people think Burzynski is a quack, none of them to do with any external agency. He has not published his so-called miracle cure for scientific peer-review (meaning that only he can profit from it); he has not published the results of his many "trials", he charges tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the trials when such trials are normally free to the patient; his ethical review board failed to perform any ethical review; he charges many times the going rate for standard drugs and insists that those drugs be supplied only by his in-house pharmacy; he uses thuggish tactics against critics. None of these are under anyone's control but his own.

So, if you want to watch a lengthy whining advert for a man making a lot of money from desperate people, this will do you nicely. If you'd rather do something to support curing cancer then you need to send the money to one of the cancer charities because they, unlike Burzynski, share the results of the work so everyone can benefit. Oh, and they publish so their claims can be objectively challenged. Oh, and they don't send the rottweilers after teenagers who criticise them on Twitter.

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