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Edgar Cayce and Castor Oil


[NOTE: The following article is composed of excerpts from a research paper which presents a study of the use of castor oil packs as suggested in the Edgar Cayce readings, and as observed in the practice of general medicine.  Dr. McGarey found the readings to represent the largest body of information having to do with the use of castor oil packs as therapy.
    His title comes from an exhaustive search into medical literature which produced a book published in 1918 by Douglas W. Montgomery, M.D. Dr. Montgomery wrote that castor oil was extracted from the seed of the Ricinus communes, sometimes known as the Palma Christi (the palm of Christ) because of its palmate leaf structure.
    The first portion of the report includes a survey of the use of castor oil and some of its history - in industry, folk medicine, and as therapy.  In this section also Dr. McGarey deals with physiology, emotions, functions and eliminations.  A careful accounting is given of various kinds of incoordination - in the etiology of body sickness, and as pertaining to attitudes and emotions.
    The second portion of the report shows the use of castor oil packs today, case histories, failures and successes, and physiological conclusions.]

The Purpose of Castor Oil Research
(Excerpt from Part II)     Castor oil packs and their use on the human body occupy the central position of our study.  Research has indicated that their use extends back in time to ancient Egypt, where castor oil was used therapeutically.  In the first section of the report we related these packs primarily with parapsychology by studying their use by Edgar Cayce - a man who could lie down and voluntarily enter a state of mind and body wherein his conscious mind was apparently not involved with what he was saying.
    Edgar Cayce indicated that his entire autonomic nervous system was vitally active during this state, and that the unconscious mind was that portion which was seeking out and reporting the information found.  Often this information came from the unconscious mind of the other person involved - and this would seem to direct us to the haunting thought that we know already what is wrong with our bodies.  We just can't reach down into that unconscious mind, (or is it the autonomic nervous system?) and obtain the knowledge that we would like to have.
    Thus the seeking into the nervous system of man became proper here, since, in bringing together all portions of this study, the inferences in the Cayce readings cannot be ignored.  And these state that castor oil packs seemingly have a relationship with the nervous system as well as most of the other systems of the body in their role of helping bring the body back to health.
    This brings us, then, to the study of their use in the general practice of medicine, and the analysis, for whatever value may proceed from it, of eighty-one cases in my practice where individuals who had varying conditions of illness were treated through the use of these packs.
    These eighty-one cases are a random selection and represent only a small fraction of the instances where we have used castor oil packs as the only, or as a coordinate, therapy for one condition or another of illness.  Some of the cases where I have been most impressed by the therapeutic efficiency of this tool are not included.  A continuing effort is being made, however, to collect more data which hopefully will provide statistically significant information, which is not to be found in this preliminary report.
    My object in presenting these cases in conjunction with the other information that has been presented, is perhaps five-fold in its scope.  It is not, certainly, a conventional research paper, nor is it a conventional research project.  Many factors which are necessary for good, scientific research are not to be found here for a variety of reasons, not necessary to be explained.  There are to be found here, however, information which is significant, and case histories which are relevant to the purposes and objectives underlying this presentation.
    My objectives, then, are as follows: 1) To stimulate interest in this therapeutic regime; 2) To show the exceptionally wide latitude of use that is possible with the castor oil packs; 3) To present and coordinate evidence that there is actual beneficial response in the human body to the application of these pack; 4) To discuss theoretical considerations relative to the action of the packs on the body; and 5) To begin to explore the validity of a unique understanding of physiological functioning of the human body, which is found in the Edgar Cayce readings.
Castor Oil Packs
Instructions for use:
    Prepare first a soft flannel cloth which is two or three thicknesses when folded and which measures about eight inches in width and ten to twelve inches in length after it is folded.  This is the size needed for abdominal application - other areas may need a different size pack, as would seem to be applicable.  Pour some castor oil into a pan and soak the cloth in the oil.  Then wring it out so that the cloth is wet but not drippy with the castor oil.  Then apply the cloth to the area which needs treatment.
    Protection should be made against soiling the bed clothing by putting a plastic sheet underneath the body.  Then a plastic covering should be applied over the soaked flannel cloth.  On top of that, place a heating pad and turn it up to "medium" to begin with - then to "high" if the body tolerates it.  Then perhaps it will help if you wrap a towel around the entire area.  The pack should remain in place between one and one and a half hours.  You will be instructed regarding the frequency of use.
    The skin can be cleansed afterwards if desired by using water which is prepared as follows: to a quart of water, add two teaspoons baking soda.  Use this to cleanse the abdomen.  Keep the flannel pack in a pan for future use.  It need not be discarded after one application.
Examples of Case Histories from Dr. McGarey's files
    Case No. 8.  A 33 year old male accountant, presented himself with the chief complaint of severe constipation for one month associated with generalized abdominal distention.  He gave a history of having had some degree of chronic constipation since childhood, with distention.  During the month just past, he noted that laxatives only caused cramping, but gave him no real relief.  Examination showed all findings to be within normal limits except for abdominal tenderness, most marked over both lower quadrants.  There was not any tenderness noted over the gall bladder area, or over the pancreas. He had been treated in the past with contact evacuants, peristaltic stimulants, and cholagogue-pancreatic enzyme mixture.  The diagnosis used here is constipation.  The history is suspicious of pancreatic or liver-gall bladder malfunction.  Full workup with x-ray and laboratory tests were not performed.
    Treatment consisted only of castor oil packs in association with a low-fat diet.  The patient cooperated well in applying the packs three days in a row each week, for one hour each time, for a total of seven weeks.  Results were very satisfactory.  The bowel movements became regular, once daily.  The cramps disappeared, and the abdominal pain ceased.  Examination showed a normal abdomen with no tenderness elicited.
    Response rated as excellent to single therapy.
    Case No. 13. 75 years.  This elderly widow was a resident of a rest home, and was seen because of a furuncle which had developed in the left axilla.  She complained of much pain associated with the furuncle, which was not draining.  She had been hospitalized many times, once within the year earlier for surgical drainage of a furuncle in the right axilla.  General health was poor and she had been an arthritic for many years.  Examination of the local area showed much rubor and swelling in the tissues of the furuncle and surrounding it.  Patient complained bitterly of the pain and was unable to move arm without much difficulty.  No fluctuation could be found at that point.  Diagnosis was, of course, furuncle of the left axilla.
    No treatment was used with the exception of the castor oil packs which were used twice daily for 1 1/2 hours for a period of 17 days.  The tenderness and pain subsided within the next 2-3 days, and then the furuncle gradually cleared until it disappeared completely.  There was not evidence of fluctuation having occurred at any time although the degree of tissue inflammation may have masked some of the signs which might otherwise have been observed.  Thus there was no external drainage of material from this lesion at any time.
    Response was rated as excellent to single therapy.  
    Case No. 14.  This was an 11 Year old boy who liked to play baseball. He was struck by a batted ball over the right maxilla two weeks before being seen first in my office.  The lump which developed in that area persisted and was growing gradually larger.  Examination revealed an 8 mm. fibrous tumor of the subcutaneous tissue overlying the right maxillary prominence, which was tender to palpation.  X-rays were negative for fracture.  Diagnosis was fibrohematoma of the subcutaneous tissues.
    Treatment suggested was use of a castor oil pack to that area for 45 minutes daily, to be used for a period of two weeks.  The family cooperated very well, and reported that the tenderness subsided in the first few days, and the size of the nodule gradually became less.  When he was examined in two weeks, the tumor was difficult to find because of its size, which was then perhaps two mm. in diameter, and the consistency was softer.  Treatment was stopped, and the nodule then disappeared over a period of time.
    Response was rated as excellent to single therapy.  
    Case No. 15.  A 37 year old mate, married grocer, developed a urinary infection three days before being seen in our office on 7/1/65.  Symptoms were low back pain and dysuria.  His past history revealed two episodes of renal calculus, in 1959 and again in 1963, and occasional upper respiratory infections.  Examination showed tenderness over both costovertebral angles, and urinalysis performed on that date showed albumen and the centrifuged specimen to be loaded with white blood cells.  The patient was given a sulfa-azo dye medication and the infection cleared within a week, when the medication was stopped.  Infection recurred two days later, but ten days treatment did not now do the job, and the patient was seen on 7/19/65 with original presenting symptoms.  Diagnosis was cystitis and pyelo-nephritis.
    Treatment with castor oil packs was begun on 7/19/65 while continuing the other therapy.  They were used over the renal areas of the low back all night long for five days.  The aching subsided after the first night, incurred briefly on the third day and then disappeared again.  Examination on the fifth day showed absence of tenderness over the left C.V.A., and only minimal tenderness over the right.  The medication was cut to half dosage, the packs were continued for another 10 days after that and the patient continued to complete clearing of signs, symptoms and laboratory evidence of infection.
    Response was rated as excellent to combined therapy.  
    Case No. 16.  A 51 year old housewife, was in the midst of marital difficulties which had progressed to divorce proceedings when she was seen in our office with specific complaints of depression, nervousness, episodes of numbness, anorexia, nausea, abdominal cramps and distention, associated with much mucus in her stools which were loose in character.  These had all existed over a period of about two months, although she gave the history of having had symptoms of colitis over the past five year period.  Her physical examination showed a normal blood pressure of 100/70, and local findings of generalized abdominal tenderness, most marked in the epigastrium.  There was hyperperistalsis present.  Diagnosis for this survey purpose was mucous colitis. (It is evident that there was a great deal of stress present here and tension, depression, etc., but this was not evaluated as was the colitis, so was not used as a diagnosis)
    Treatment was already being used: a colitis diet and two types of ataraxics plus an anti-spasmodic for smooth muscles.  These were continued, and castor oil packs were added to the regime, being used three times a week for 1/2 hours daily over a period of four weeks.  During this period of time, the cramps subsided, mucus no longer appeared in her stools and the bowel movements became more normal.  Peristalsis decreased.  The packs were discontinued, and sometime later most of the symptoms recurred.
    Response was rated as good to combined therapy.  
    Case No. 18. 11 year old schoolboy.  The boy experienced onset of abdominal pain with  low grade fever and vomiting while visiting relatives in California.  The physician consulted stated that he had symptoms of appendicitis, gave him an injection of penicillin and advised the parents to go home immediately to seek further care.  He was brought to my office the next day with the history that he had continued to have nausea, anorexia and abdominal pain.  His temperature at that point was 98.6 degrees, and examination revealed tenderness in the right lower quadrant with positive rebound tenderness.  There was no rigidity, no masses palpable and peristalsis was present.  Diagnosis was acute appendicitis.
    The mother did not want surgery unless necessary.  Since a critical point requiring surgical intervention had not arrived, I elected to watch and wait, instituting the use of castor oil packs again without the use of the heating pad.  The patient was put at bedrest, given only ice chips by mouth, and, with the pack on continuously, he remained comfortable the remainder of that day, He spent a good night, feeling much better in the morning.  At that point, his nausea disappeared.  On examination, his tenderness was only minimal, and the rebound phenomenon was gone. He was given a full liquid diet, bed test was continued, and the packs were kept on continuously.  On the second morning of this therapy, patient was completely asymptomatic.  The packs were used two to four hours that day and a light diet was prescribed.  Although there were no symptoms and the boy was impatient to be completely active, he was given the packs twice on the third day for one hour each.  At that point, his diet was normal and he resumed full activity with no further therapy.
    Response was rated as excellent to single therapy.  
    Case No. 30.  This was a 40 year old married secretary, who was seen with common warts on her right index ringer which had been present for several months.  The largest was 8 mm. in diameter.
    Diagnosis was verruca vulgaris, right index finger.
    These were treated by applying a band-aid to the warts on the finger, the bandage portion being first soaked in castor oil.  This was worn continuously, being changed once or twice a day for a period of two months.  At the end of that period of time, the warts had completely disappeared.
    Response was rated as excellent to single therapy.  
    Case No. 36. 42 year old housewife, registered nurse.  This is perhaps the most unusual case in the series, and I refer to it fondly as "The case of the curly hair".  The reason for this will become obvious.  This very interesting woman presented herself with the request that I check her blood pressure.  She stated she had hypertension and she believed it was due to taking a contraceptive medication for a period of time and too much tension to which she had been subjected.  It had been discovered first to be elevated less than six months before her first visit to our office.  Her chronological story began, however, some sixteen months, rather than six, before this first visit.  She started taking, at that point, contraceptive pills, which she continued for a total of thirteen months.  After being on the medication two months, a series of very traumatic events began within the structure of her family that had to do with her daughter and her boyfriend, culminating (in their effect) in July of the following year, some seven months later.  Meanwhile, at four months on the medication she developed noticeably increased nervousness.  At five months she experienced a 21-hour uterine hemorrhage that was difficult to stop.  At the six-month period, she noted cramps in both legs.  At the nine-month mark, when her personal tension was also at its height, she developed swelling of the left calf and the cramps in her legs became at times excruciating.
    Also, when she washed her hair, she noted that for the first time in her life she could not make the hair develop suds.  She changed shampoos three times to no effect, and the beauty parlor met with the same results - no sudsing.  At this point it was noted that her blood pressure was elevated. Her legs continued to bother her severely, and the veins in her legs were distended until, after thirteen months on the medication, she stopped it of her own accord. Her gynecologist did not believe that the medication was causing her trouble, according to her account.  When she stopped the medication, her veins became normal and the cramps in her legs stopped bothering her blood pressure remained elevated, however, she remained tense, and her hair retained the remarkable non-sudsing quality; the texture of her hair was poorer and it would not curl as well as it did before all this started.  She then saw an internist who examined her thoroughly and could find nothing wrong with her except the elevated blood pressure which he did not think was caused by tension or by the medication.  It was within a few weeks after this that she came to our office.  Examination revealed a blood pressure of 180/110 to 160/98, with no other abnormal findings.
    She did not tell me about the hair until later on, so there were no notations made about this.  She was treated for three months with conventional medication for hypertension, and the blood pressure remained constant, no responding.  Then, about six months after she had stopped her medication, she complained of palpitation and tenseness again, and I was ready to begin use of the packs.  Her diagnosis recorded for purposes of this study were hypertension and oral contraceptive reaction.
    Therapy was continued with the hypertensive medication.  The only other therapy advised was abdominal castor oil packs, applied three consecutive nights of each week for three weeks in a row, duration 1 1/2 hours each treatment.  The third pack each week was to be followed by oral ingestion of one ounce of olive oil.  The patient followed the instructions, and reported when she returned in three weeks that after one week's treatment with the packs her hair sudsed like it hadn't in nearly ten months, and there was a marked improvement in the texture of the hair and in its curling qualities.  The hair was curly again.  She noted no other change in symptoms.
    Response was rated excellent to single therapy for the oral contraceptive reaction; poor to combined therapy for the hypertension.  
Physiological Conclusions
    In this summary statement, I shall attempt to accomplish several ends, while affecting a comprehensible relationship between a number of physiological concepts which have been dealt with in this study.  We should deal more concretely with the theory of the manner in which castor oil packs work.  We should try to bring a relationship between the use of this mode of therapy as advised by Edgar Cayce, and the manner in which it became effective as a tool in the practice of medicine.
    Cayce seemingly approached the human body from within, looking at it intimately, seeing it function, even to the manner in which one nerve cell bridges the gap to its synaptic partner, and seeing the substance which allows this to happen. He was able to see the symptoms in a body, and what we might call a disease process coming into being from a single source, which may be Very distant and difficult to pin down as a cause, as far as we are concerned.
    In the eighty-one cases which have been presented, in which the castor oil packs were used as a principal method of treatment, we have approached an understanding of the body more from the outside, s6 to speak.  This outside approach is what derives from an acquired understanding using the findings of this physical world as guideposts.  It might be termed a conventional approach at least more conventional than found in the readings.
    If we can perhaps correlate these two groups of data, these two sources of information which have been presented here, it may well lead us into a better understanding of the human body as a whole, a goal truly worth striving for.
    In this summary process, we will only touch on certain physiological concepts contained in the readings and in the presented material, we will elaborate on others, and leave untouched still more, for some are less applicable to the theme of this paper than others.
    This study is being concluded with the hope that it will invite more research of a nature which will produce more acceptable evidence, answer more of those as-yet-unanswered questions, and do it in a manner that will bring closer together the understanding of the various natures of man, whose makeup at this point seems to be body, mind and spirit - three elements whose manifestation is as a unit and whose three parts are equally valid, important and whole.
    How does castor oil as a pack act in the human body? How does it bring into being a beneficial effect in body tissues?  Among other things, we observed that the packs, when used in the 81 cases, produced the following results: brought a peaceful sensation to the abdomen; affected beneficially the autonomic; induced changes in the lymphatics; relieved bodily stress; restored curly hair (!); apparently affected ganglia and plexuses; cleared up infections; aided pregnancy; benefited systems (e.g. genito-urinary); and affected beneficially areas of the body such as the pelvic organs.
    Cayce, in his readings, gives us ideas relative to the effects that castor oil has in the body when applied in such a manner, but the understanding is not easy to come by.  I would like to use two references first, then comment on them.  The first was an answer to a question about a psychic experience the woman had, and Cayce brings the castor oil into this discussion, relating it significantly, I think.  The second extract is from an earlier reading given the same woman who had been applying psychic information from Cayce for two years, and was highly desirous of becoming pregnant.
   This was an inter-between emotion, or as indicated - a partial psychic experience.  Consider that which takes place from the use of the oil pack and its influence upon the body, and something of the emotion experienced may be partially understood.
    Oil is that which constitutes, in a form, the nature of activity between the functionings of the organs of the system as related to activity.  Much in the same manner as oil would act upon an inanimate object - it acts as a limbering agent, allowing movement, motion, as may be had by the attempt to move a hinge, a wrench, a center, or that movement of an inanimate machinery motion.  This is the same effect had upon that which is now animated by spirit.  This movement, then, was the reflection of the abilities of the spirit of ANIMATE activity as controlled through the emotions of mind, or the activity of mind between spirit AND matter.  This was a vision, see?   (1523-14)
    Then, for the betterment of the general conditions as a whole, it would be well that much of an analysis be given; that the conditions which are existent be thoroughly understood from a psychological, pathological and physiological standpoint.
    These are not meant to be mere terms, but indicate rather the boundaries of the various changes which have taken place, and are taking place, in this body.
    In other words, then:
    The body, as an entity, is experiencing the result of the mental attitudes of the body through a given period.  Thus, psychological conditions have brought, do bring, their effect upon the general systems of the body.
    Hence, these are - as the name indicates - a creative, an activative force through the mental and the physical conditions of the body.
    Thus there should be, then, the realization that organs and their functionings have become aware, or conscious, of their activity, their function within the system.
    While as yet this is not a true or full conception, there is the awareness and the awakening of those influences within the system ... (1523-8)

    In the first selection, Cayce is saying that the castor oil when applied is active as that which allows the acting together or coordination between the functioning of organs in the system.  He indicates elsewhere that in his terminology any acting part of the body is an organ so the nervous system, muscles, etc., would all qualify as organs.  The oil assumes this relationship of being the means, perhaps, by which the organs function together only when the activity of the body as a whole is considered, it being directed by higher intelligence.  Thus, when one performs an action, oil allows the body to coordinate and act. (Oil, of course, is found within the body, and in a condition of health, the packs would not be needed anyway.) This extract seems to be saying that the oil acts upon the mind forces, or acts to allow the mind forces in the body to become active in producing better coordination between parts of the body and in bringing the spirit into closer communication with the body through these mind forces.  Somewhat like putting oil on a wheelbarrow's rusty axle.  The wheel will then work in better coordination with the barrow, but it takes the one directing to move it and let the two parts of the wheelbarrow perform better than before their individual functions.  The spirit, then, is enhanced in its motivation of the body, through the improved coordination brought about within the parts of that body by the castor oil in its application and action.
    The second extract, of course, shows that Cayce believes that consciousness, mind quality, awareness of a particular sort, exists within the very tissues, cells and organs of the body.  Thus be sees the castor oil as bringing to the body a closer working together and cooperation between the minds of these tissues or organs, as the body relates to the spirit which motivates it and gives it life.
    He does not say in what physical way the oil brings this about, but we can see how such a concept would explain the results which have been attained in practice.  Perhaps the autonomic nervous system provides the physical counterpart of the "activity" that Cayce mentions as occurring between the functionings of the organs, and oil, in its vibratory essence becomes the "nature" of that activity, bringing about a better coordination and a resultant bodily function that spells healing to the individual.  How can such a concept be simply explained?  Cayce involves us with the spirit of life, so we become even more than just body and mind, if he is correct.  In any event, this is a credible idea which does give understanding to results obtained, and perhaps gives us a better idea of what sort of conditions might be benefitted by such therapy.
    What part is played here, then, by the lymph, which has occasioned so much comment thus far?  This must be discussed in a summary form, as it relates particularly to the function of the autonomic nervous system, for these are closely related and important one to the other.
    Cayce sees the lacteals as that anatomical portion of the body which makes it possible for the body to take values from the food and to prepare these values in such a manner that they can be used to revitalize and bring back to life, so to speak, all the tissues the entire system - of this same body.  Moreover, he sees the Peyer's patches as creating a "globular" substance which is carried by the lymphocytes to the contact points between the "sympathetic" and the cerebrospinal nervous systems, which occur in the spinal cord or the sympathetic ganglia which lie anterior to tire spinal column.  This substance is necessary to form a contact between these two systems, and lack of proper contact brings sometimes physical disorders, sometimes mental derangement that varies from very mild to critically serious in its degree.  He infers that this lack of contact is a true lack of relationship (in one cell or millions of them) between the physical consciousness and the "soul and spirit forces" - what we may perhaps call the unconscious mind.  The implications of this, of course, are rather widespread and drastic, and leave much suggested which cannot be elaborated upon here.
    This same area just mentioned - the spinal cord relationship or connection to the sympathetic ganglia - is often the site of difficulty, which Cayce explains as a "lesion" which forms, due to injury or depletion of the system in certain foodstuffs or nutritional needs, or perhaps through stress situations in life.  The following selection demonstrates one manner in which the readings see this lesion coming into being, and indicates that it in turn causes trouble to the system.
    In the beginning, then, the cause, or seat of the trouble, we find that there was that in the system that produced a depletion to the physical resistance.  During this period there was an injury, or a subluxation, to the 9th and 10th dorsal vertebrae.  In the recuperation, in ease, the body formed a lesion to meet the needs of the condition.   (943-1)
    This philosophy of function in the human body, as becomes gradually apparent in study, would have us understand that these lesions which are formed then become the etiology of other troubles throughout the body, through imperfect transmission of impulses from the higher brain centers to the general areas of the internal workings of the body which are controlled autonomically by the ganglia which are thus affected.  We have seen this in numerous selections already quoted.  Then a function such as the liver performs is affected, and coordination between the liver and perhaps the kidney as a portion of the elimination of the body becomes a problem.  The patient may then develop a frequency or irritation without evidence of infection.  Through the disturbance to the liver, the digestion may be affected, and then, in quick order, the assimilation of needed food qualities is limited, the energies of the body suffer, and the nervous system is affected through the lack of substances given to the lymphatic system and subsequent inadequate lymphocytes and again the "globular" substance.  So one can see that, in the same manner that "man is not an island", the organs of the body do not stand alone.  They are units only in being parts of a larger unit.
    Even those many qualities of the world outside of oneself are sensed in such a manner that it becomes effective as an influence on the functioning of the body as a whole.  Sounds, colors, tastes, odors, the "feel" of something - all these are shunted through the autonomic nervous system in which manner they become as influences to the organs and tissues of the body as part of their individual consciousness, as these same sensations make their way to consciousness of the whole individual.  Even the lesions which occur in the body, as Cayce describes them, become associated with the energies of perception and sensing.  In this instance that follows, the lesion is not apparently associated with the spinal cord-ganglion relationship, but rather is one of those created in the abdominal cavity, which may be the type conceivably created by lymphatic disturbance and inadequate lymphatic drainage from a given site. (This does not seem to be quite clear, yet - at least in my studies of the readings.)
Q.  What happened, a few months ago during the headache, when something seemed to pop in my head, - since which time the attacks haven't seemed to be as severe?
A.  There is the coordination between the nerve systems, as we have indicated, at the area where the medulla oblongata enters the lower portion or the brain, see?  At that period when there was such a severe attack, there was the breaking or a lesion in the abdominal area.  This SOUNDED through the sympathetic nerve system, PRODUCING the condition in the head itself.  For, as was indicated, it appeared to go THROUGH AND OUT the head.   (1857-1)

    The emotions, responses within the individual to conditions outside the body in relationship to other people, self's evaluation of self, all bring about within the body a disturbance that often sees certain areas affected according to the emotions experienced.  But the balance within the body organs and body systems becomes disturbed, elimination is hindered, intake of food is associated with turmoil, and the beginnings are seen of body sickness through just the mechanisms which have been here only lightly touched upon.
    The circulatory system to various parts of the body as it is related to the autonomic is a site of disturbance frequently mentioned.  These relationships were not made clear in the study just completed, nor were those which bring together the efficacy of the castor oil packs in pelvic diseases and the sacral parasympathetic supply to these organs.
    Much in the way of physiologic function as seen by these readings which Cayce gave for over forty years becomes shifted into the first levels of understandability as serious study is given portions of the readings.  The rationale of castor oil pack therapy begins to become apparent.  And few, if any, contradictions show up in the rather startling number of words which flowed in such a strange manner from the lips of a dedicated man and the reaches of an unconscious mind.
    A rather humorous sidelight on the castor oil pack therapy is the story of a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment whose wife was developing more and more cervical cysts at the opening of the uterus.  He wrote enthusiastically some time later of the wonderful results obtained in clearing up the cysts (as reported by their physician) when they used a circulating file (selections from the readings on a specific condition) and applied the recommendations found there in readings given for various people over the years.  The humor lay in the treatment of cervical cysts from the file on cystitis.  But it worked - the treatment was castor oil packs as principal therapy.
    We begin perhaps, to see that it is not so strange that a castor oil pack can be applied to the abdomen, and in one person a vaginitis is cleared up; in a second case a fecal impaction causing intestinal obstruction is relieved; in a third a threatened abortion is rendered into a normal pregnancy; in a fourth a cholecystitis is cured; and in a fifth, after ten long months, the hair is made to suds and curl once more.  Unless physiologic factors were at work that we do not wholly understand, these things could not be.
    Cayce, whose work on these readings ceased nearly twenty years ago with his death, would undoubtedly agree that this last extract would speak to these strange results from a strange therapy.
   For, what is the source of all healing for human ills?  From whence doth the body receive life, light or immortality?  That the body as an active force is the result of spirit and mind, these coordinating and cooperating, enables the entity to bring forth in the experience that which may be used - or the using of the abilities of whatever nature.  Each soul has within its power that to use which may make it at one with Creative Forces or God.  These are the sources from which life, light, and the activity of the body, mind and soul may manifest in whatever may be the active source or principle in the mind of the individual entity.  (3492-1)
    There are then, as given, those influences in the nature of man that may supply that needed.  For, man in his nature - physical, mental and spiritual - is a replica, is a part of whole universal reaction in materiality.
    Hence there are those elements which if applied in a material way, if there is the activity with same of the spirit and mind, may [)ring into the experience of each atom of the body force or cell itself the awareness of the Creative Force of God.  It may rise only as high as the ideal held by the body-mind.
    Hence there is the one way, the source.  For in Him is all life, all health, all mind, all knowledge and immortality to the soul-mind itself.   (3492-1)

    Those who are receptive in their nature will benefit most from the packs.  Why is this?  Because being receptive is being as the little child. He has faith without even knowing why, and so accepts all things as being the will and the graciousness of God acting in his life.  And the peace comes to him, throughout the whole of the earth - his earth.
    Healing may really be peace - a peace that comes to rest in the body, that is a reflection of the "peace that passeth understanding".  We see it come to the body much as peace is allowed to come to the earth: a nation here and a nation there.  When we find real peace in the earth, we may see a state of health having come to all bodies.
[Note: The preceding report was provided by William McGarey, M. D. and is excerpted from The A.R.E. Journal, March, 1967, Volume 2, No. 2, page 3, Copyright © 1967 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.]

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